Sage Grouse Tooled Slip - Diamonds - Chocolate / Rust

Sage Grouse Tooled Slip - Diamonds - Chocolate / Rust

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These tooled slips are stamped in the Western saddle and holster method. They are made from semi-rigid, saddle-grade leather. They retain your knife securely, even when inverted, but release the knife readily with a gentle squeeze. Like a well-made slipjoint knife, these slips have a very satisfying action.

This hand-stamped slip features custom, cutting-edge tooling designs. Each impression is made with hand-ground stamps sourced from America's last artisan leather tool makers. Each slip is cut, tooled, dyed, antiqued, and stitched by hand in Oregon by River Lovec of Sage Grouse Leather. Proudly features the Jack Wolf Knives brand.


These slips are sized to fit most Jack Wolf slipjoints under 4" closed.