Hoodie - White on Black
Hoodie - White on Black

Hoodie - White on Black

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Show your support with our Jack Wolf Knives Hoodie!

These are high quality, screen printed Hoodies.  The print will last much longer than digitally printed Hoodies from a print on demand service.  

The Hoodie itself is an Independent Trading Company Heavyweight.  Made from an 80/20 blend of 10.7 oz Cotton, you will feel the warmth and durability compared to other run of the mill Hoodies.  Although it is durable and warm, it is still soft and comfortable.

The Hoodie is black, the wolf head logo on the front left chest is white, and the larger wolf head with company name on the back is also white.

I tried on several brands of Hoodies before ordering these from my local printshop.  I felt these were the highest quality of the bunch.