Sage Grouse Exotic Slip - Bourdeaux Crocodile - Black Buttero

Sage Grouse Exotic Slip - Bourdeaux Crocodile - Black Buttero

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These exotic inlay slips feature French-tanned Red Wine-colored salt water crocodile belly layed into Buttero, a semi-rigid Italian veg-tan leather. Buttero has a firm temper for durability, a high wax-content for moisture resistance, and over time will develop a handsome natural patina. The reverse side of the slip proudly displays the Jack Wolf Knives wolf head logo.

Because each portion of a crocodile hide is unique, the scale pattern of individual slips will vary.

These slips retain your knife securely, even when inverted, but release the knife readily with a gentle squeeze. Like a well-made slipjoint knife, these slips have a very satisfying action.
Each slip is cut, stitched, and burnished by hand in Oregon by River Lovec of Sage Grouse Leather.

These slips are sized to fit most Jack Wolf slipjoints under 4" closed. It is a tight fit on the Benny's Clip & Venom Jack.